The Sign

The Sign, 2019, Single channel video with sound and orphan web pages

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Softer, Softest

Softer, Softest, 2018, Installation with two single channel videos, printed textiles, orange shag carpet, and lights; AC Institute (New York, NY)

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Kathy, 2018, (with Angie Seykora) Collaborative site-responsive installation with projected video, reflective Mylar screens, sculptural objects and lights; Maple Street Construct (Omaha, NE)

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Love Letters

Love Letters, 2018, Two channel video installation with printed material; W. Dale Clark Main Library (Omaha, NE)

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Carol, 2017, Single channel video with sound, photo diptych and vinyl floor text; London Art Fair (London, UK)

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Capital Flop

Capital Flop, 2017, Series of 5 archival inkjet prints, dimensions variable

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Justice of Decline

Justice of Decline, 2017, (with Jaimie Warren) Collaborative installation with El wire photograph, video, and video projection; Darger HQ (Omaha, NE)

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Nowhere Left to Live

Nowhere Left to Live, 2017, Installation with photo, video, and video projection; AA | LA (Los Angeles, CA)

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Teen Angel

Teen Angel, 2015, Video projection with sound and live performance; AC Institute (New York, NY)

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Water & Air

Water & Air, 2014, Installation with video projection, sound, and hand-woven screen; Temp Art Space (New York, NY)

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Sol Sistere

Sol Sistere, 2013, (with Dana Kopel) Collaborative installation with video projection, mirrors, and live performances by Colin Self, Raúl de Nieves, and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix; Temp Art Space (New York, NY)

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Refuge & Rest

Refuge & Rest, 2013, (with Matteah Baim) Live performance with video projection, spinning wheel, and sound; Judson Memorial Church (New York, NY)

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